DEAR SUGAR: “Dare to inhabit the alternate universe of your original mind”

DEAR SUGAR, The Rumpus Advice Column #82: The God Of Doing It Anyway – The

I deeply adore Sugar and her writing (whoever she is*).

This is pretty much what it feels like each and every time I write something new to share with the world (all the really good stuff anyway):

“In life, we have to make ourselves. In art, we have to make that self over and over again and present it to the world. We have to put it up on the wall or down on the page or project it on a screen or allow it to resound or glide or crackle across the room. And each time we do that, we must endure the sense that perhaps all has failed, that no one wants this, that we are too much that. Too ordinary or female or obsessed with turtles or experimental or rural or Jewish or derivative or slutty or neurotic or sentimental or gay or Jesus-worshipping or Asian or emotionally restrained or outside-the-whole-MFA-thing or linguistically dense or offensively lewd or just incredibly stupid and weird and boring.

Each time!

But Sugar says that’s okay. Having the guts to go all in and truly be yourself (in writing, in living) is “more vital, more real, more sacred than anything.”

Thanks, Sugar. I (always) need to hear that!

*Okay, so now we know who she is. She’s Cheryl Strayed. :)

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