Guerilla Swinging

Why the world needs more swings | KaBOOM!.

As a big fan of swings, myself, I found this public art project by Jeff Waldman pretty inspiring.

The project, which is currently raising money to hang swings in Bolivia, is “about processing the root of an emotion and finding the vehicle to draw it out. That emotion [is] happiness and that vehicle, swings.”

Waldman’s isn’t the only illicit swing project happening in the world. The Red Swing Project also is hanging swings in public places, from its origin in Austin, Texas, to India, Thailand, Brazil, Taiwan, South Korea, France, Spain, Portugal, Haiti and Poland.

That’s a true testament to the universal happiness to be found in swinging, and even just the surprising joy brought on by seeing swings hung–expectantly, full of promise and possibility–in random spots.

Under the “L” in Chicago, Ill. Photo by The Red Swing Project

2 thoughts on “Guerilla Swinging

  1. Victoria says:

    Yes! I was on a swing this afternoon. I couldn’t take a photograph, but I have a mental picture: the late afternoon sun, my kids playing together, lush palm trees to my right, the breeze coming off a pond to my left. Bliss.

  2. I remember swinging across a bubbling stream in Pennsylvania as a child. It was just like the swings in these photos- two ropes tied to a piece of wood. It seemed like the longest, slowest, riskiest, most surreal ride of my life. I can totally recall the feeling of my stomach flipping and my heart racing. Ahhhhhhhh….

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